Is geo spoofing legal

Introduction to Geo Spoofing:

The way to hide your location using the technique of spoofing is known as geo spoofing. the whole task to be done in it is to change the IP address, there are many ways to spoof a location but the easiest and common one is the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN). By using a VPN you can connect to any server in anywhere in the world.

Is geo spoofing legal

Why there is need to change location?

there are two main reasons, the first one is to access the restricted content. second reason is security purpose, in order to secure the online privacy you can use VPN. VPN helps to secure dat using the encryption technique, it also hide the location to protect you from hackers and snoopers.

Is it illegal to change your IP address?

not at all, it is perfectly legal process to change your location using multiple VPNs, in most of countries there exists multiple legal VPNs. well to hide your location to do an illegal task is not legal, try to avoid such deeds it could harm you and others as well.

What is the process to change the VPN location on router?

While using Express VPN it is a quite difficult process to change the VPN location, it totally depends on the firmware of used router. there is a website known as “VPN service” that guides you regarding a specific router (the router which you decide to use in your connection or network). you can also asked from the customer support of any VPN.

Is it possible to spoof others IP address?

yes, it is quite easy process. there are multiple ways to do this, the common and easiest way is by changing network settings of any system. other methods could be “proxy server”, “the manipulation of DNS”, and many others.

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