Overeating refers to eating in surplus quantity, it is the core of lots of diseases such as obesity in later life. Not only this but it also causes us pain and issues in sleeping. It can also be termed an addiction because many people really get addicted to overeating all of the time. Even if their stomach is not in the state to consume more!

Religion (Islam) and Overeating:

Religion (Islam) has always taught us to pick the best thing. Here again, Holly Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) taught us the right path. The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said: 
‘I eat as the servant eats, and I sit as the servant sits. Verily, I am only a servant.’
This shows that Islam teaches us to maintain a proper diet that is healthy by all means. The prophet never filled his entire stomach with food. He always ate less. Being from an influential tribe he could get excess to the most extravagant dishes but he never ate one. He always thought about others and rather than overeating passed it on. The Prophet at timed remained hungry and also taught his followers that filling your entire stomach together during a single meal is not a good thing.
Science has also been researching the overeating issues and proves that overeating is baleful. Many of us must have noticed that those who eat all the time are most of the time inert and unwilling to do something. They keep sitting idly all the time.

The disadvantages and the reason why it is baleful?

* It causes harm to our hearts and is one of the reasons behind heart pain.
*Overeating leads to the cause of obesity.
* It makes you lazy and your nervous system gets slower.
* Overeating also causes our digestive system to suffer because our digestive system needs rest too! It can not keep on going to digest the food we put in again and again! Just think if you are a cricketer and your coach asks you to keep on batting the entire day and night. What will you go through?
* To become someone smart, elegant, and gorgeous dear ladies and gents it is important to cut down on food. For those who overeat and keep questioning why don’t they get slim and smart, the answer is overeating is baleful. It makes you obese!

Overeating causes memory loss too. Wondering why? 

Because your brain starts getting slow too when all your body does is consume and digest food!

Reasons behind overeating:

* The main reason is stress. Whoever is under stress finds eating an easy solution. They eat as much as they can to forget the problems they are facing!
* Another reason is overthinking. It is linked to stress. People overthink a lot nowadays! This again proves overeating is baleful
* We all live in a world where self-esteem is important. People with crashed confidence think that their life has ended and end up distressed and start eating!
* Emotional problems and mood swings. Everyone breaks up with someone or has ever gone through problems like not feeling like talking to anyone. We have no one to talk to and so we go towards food because food is our best friend. The more we eat the more we feel better. We do not understand the fact that overeating is baleful!
* Lastly, food is a route to joy too. While watching movies or playing games, food is a way to party. With friends, we eat so much that we do not keep a track of how much we are giving to our stomachs. At parties, also, various dishes lead us to taste all and so in only tasting we eat a huge amount of everything.
Food now actually is considered a solution to every problem. Whatsoever people find food to feel free and better. When they eat, they start overeating and end up badly!

How to get rid of the issue?

* The best thing you can do is find other ways to get joy. You can further deflect your mind. Keep yourself busy with other games.
* Eat food slowly. Take smaller bites and chew properly.
* If you are the cook make a smaller amount of food; food that is enough for your stomach.
* Fill more of your stomach with water or juices, so that you do not run towards food.

This proves that overeating is baleful. It also gives you the proper way how to take food and what to do to avoid overeating. Thus, we must take care of our diet and be careful of what and how much we eat.

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