IoT is basically a process to link all the possible things from daily life to the internet.

Parts of the Internet of Things:

There are basically three parts included in IoT:

  1. Objects
  2. Communication network
  3. The computer system

Internet of Things mostly uses the IPV6 address, in order to implement the improvements to the internet conventions and also the registering frameworks. The purpose of all such activities is to make human daily life activities simpler and easy. The development in information science will implement a positive impact on the IoT. It will make progressively valuable and insightful applications of the IoT. There is a mixture of multiple fields in information science, like Artificial Intelligence, information mining, and many others in order to seek information. Technologies very much impact our lives, especially in a society of data-driven.

The development in the SC and the development in the technology of communication made possible the connection of the permit devices on the internet or over a network.

There are multiple types of communication:

M2M communication (M2M stands for the machine to machine communication). It is most beneficial in IoT and it is possible by multiple methods.

The Internet of Battlefield Things (IoBT).

Internet-of-Medical-Things (IoMT).

Internet-of-Vehicles (IoV), and many other Internet-of-Everything comprise IoT.

Internet of Things

working of IoT:

It has a device that is web-centric, the device contains an embedded system for its proper working. Some of the embedded systems are processors and sensors. And some hardware devices like devices to collect data or the device to send data. Next, there must be an IoT gateway in order to share data that is collected by sensors. After this data has to be analyzed, there are two steps to analyze data. The first one is to send it towards the cloud for the analysis process or to analyze it locally.


Internet of Things Systems

According to Nikola Tesla, the earth will be converted into a huge brain whenever wireless technology is perfectly applied to it. The real meaning of this is that we shall be able to do this will be amazingly simple compared with our present telephone when all things are particles of a real and rhythmic whole and the instruments. Another statement is quoted by Alan Turing, he stated that it is best to machines the best sensors or the senses organs and then teach them to work efficiently and properly. 

IoT and Religion:

Regarding religion, the question arises could IoT helps religion or helps its convergence. IoT is basically a term or technology used for the ease of people. It creates too many dependencies on people for their daily work routine on multiple IoT-based devices. Somehow it helps people to seek knowledge regarding multiple religions. But it will not help in the convergence of any religion.


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