Honeypot is basically a system with its own directories files. It is used to catch hackers and multiple cyber-attacks. Some people consider the honey pot a tool for security like a firewall, but it is not a tool. It is a system with its own directories to control cyber-attacks and threats. A Honeynet is a further extension of the honey pot. A honeynet is a system used to measure the inbound and outbound data. That network is placed behind any reverse firewall. There are many types of honeypots.

Types of honeypot:

  1. Production
  2. Research
  3. Low interaction
  4. Medium interaction
  5. High interaction

Honeypot is divided according to its classification. It is divided into two parts the server-side honeypot and the client-side honeypot. The task of the client-side is to detect the threats, attacks or malicious files, etc. The task of the server-side is used to collect information about viruses and viruses. The research to get the results of the threat analysis. 

 On the basis of interaction, it has three types:

Low interaction honeypot

Medium interaction honeypot

High interaction honeypot. 

The task of the first one is the detection of attackers and attacks with the use of software emulation. The detection process is done in an operating system. The pro of this type it has a good grip on attackers and the con is that it can detect the whole operating system at a time; it works on a service or couple of services.

The second one has the best qualities and abilities as the first one; “Kippo” is an example of a medium interaction honeypot. The last one can analyze and check the whole operating system at a time. 

In order to successfully deploy the honeynet. It is necessary to deploy its infrastructure successfully.  Deploy the infrastructure of honeynet into the infrastructure of the smart grid systems that are based on the protocol IEC 61850. This step provides the smart grid system with a better security level. The honeynet has three main elements in its infrastructure that must have to deploy, those main elements are:
1. Data capture
2. Data control
3. Data collection
The first two elements must deploy in the infrastructure of honeynet, and the third one is optional. It depends on the requirement of the organization to deploy the third element in the infrastructure of the honeynet or not. 

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