Say no to drinking water after food! Live life with health. Religion and science give instructions on how to drink water before or after taking breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Points of religion and science about drinking water after having food.

The question that first comes to our mind is why? Why not have water after food?
Water is an important thing that no one can live without!
Now the thing which we have never paid much heed to is what are the proper times of having it. It is important to know the proper rules of water and meal.
We have food and the next thing we go for is water. Having it right after a meal is not good for health as it dilutes the gastric juice which is there in our stomach.
Once Jane Fonda said: ‘ Drink water between meals so that the digestive juices will not be diluted.’

Why not drink water after meals? What does science say?  Reasons with elaboration. 

* Firstly, as I mentioned above that it dilutes the gastric juice which means that it leads to the road towards acidity. Acidity is also known as heartburn.
The enzymes in our body which are an aid to digestion are produced in less number causing the food to be digested more quickly but not in a proper way.
* Secondly, more water leads to the stomach being emptier and so we go for more and more food.
When we have an excess amount of food we get obese.
Eventually, overeating is baleful and it leads to obesity which further takes us to other levels of sickness and our stomach system stops working properly.
The only thing it has to do is to take in food only! Is it not better to give it space for digestion? Our body needs rest too!
* Not only this but it is also one of the reasons for bloating of the stomach. In the modern era, who will want to have a stomach coming out and a body not properly shaped?
Just imagine your stomach coming out and you wearing your favorite dress. how will you manage to take pictures that are appropriate for social media?
* Moreover, water after a meal also causes diabetes. How?  It raises blood sugar in our body and that is not good for us.
We must be really careful when it comes to interacting with stuff that causes issues in the body.
* We must never go against the gastric, fluid, or juice there in our body because once these things get affected, our life gets affected too!

Even our religion talks about this and lays emphasis on it.

  1.  Religion has always asked us to stay healthy and eat healthily. It has shown us the way towards health.
  2.  Just like it says overeating is baleful it also says that do not go towards actions that harm us. Just like drinking water after a meal. However, our religion and science both show how bad is water after a meal.

Instead of drinking water after a meal what is the way of drinking it properly?  What do science and religion say? (Preferred ways)

* Water should be taken before a meal. It is preferred because it makes digestion easier and it also stops us from overeating.
* Water can be taken in between meals too but not in such a high quantity that it fills up our entire stomach.
* We should wait 30 minutes after a meal to have water so that the meal gets digested properly. Be compassionate to the stomach too.
Now it is high time that we should stay away from unhealthy things and not do things that are harmful. ‘ Health is wealth’. Thus, we must go on a healthy road. Thus, this all proves that we must not drink water after a meal if we want to live a good and happy life. We must take proper care of ourselves and our bodies!

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