Introduction to VPN:

VPN stands for “Virtual Private network”; it is a process of make connection between two or more than two networks. Like a connection between network of branch office and corporate network. For private networks people these days prefer site to site VPN instead of MPLS circuits. It also provides the facility of connection between multiple geographical regions, which is beneficial for many organizations. It is considered as a permanent network instead of remote access VPN (that was temporary connection), purpose of site to site VPN is encrypting a link between multiple remote sites of any organization. It is usually set as an IPsec network connection between multiple equipment’s used for the purpose of networking.

Why to use Virtual Private network?

A secure connection is very important in this world where cyber-attacks are most common; it is a key to permanent secure connection. To achieve security using this technique there are multiple software can be used, the most common one is ASDM. ASDM stands for cisco “Adaptive security device manager”, it use a web-based interface for the management in order to provide the security. It helps the user regarding multiple task of firewall, like configure, monitor, and troubleshoot firewall and its multiple service modules. Through this software a person could easily view dashboard to check the status and health of firewall appliances.

How to use VPN easily?

It is noticed that people especially students are facing problems while using command line interface for the sake of cyber security. But ASDM have easy to understand and friendly interface, therefor for our project for site to site VPN connection ASDM selected. It has some distinct features that make it more suitable and reliable to use that are:

1. Best for short deployments

2. GUI based friendly interface

3. Easy setup wizards that are very useful during process of configure, it also helps to manage Cisco firewall devices.

4. It has real-time viewer log.

5. To show status and health of firewall appliances it has a monitoring dashboard.

6. It has troubleshooting features, a debugging tool that is quite powerful like of packet tracer and packet capture.


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