The Bermuda triangle is a slack, flexible region. It is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean.
The Bermuda Triangle is also known as the Devil’s triangle. Moreover, there are many ships, airplanes and a number of many other things got disappeared under strange situations.
The area where it is located is one of the most visited places by aircraft in America and Europe.
People now believe that airplanes and ships are disappearing for years due to paranormal activities.

Furthermore, many types of research and experiments are done by scientists to find out what exactly is happening there. Scientists were trying to find out the facts whether these are actually paranormal activities or something else.

Crashing and Disappearing of the Ships and Aircraft in Bermuda Triangle

The first incident of crashing and disappearing of the ship happened in the 1800s at the Bermuda triangle. This incident was of the sinking of a navy ship USS Pickering. The name of ship was USS Pickering it was named after the secretary of that time. The name of the secretary was Thomas Pickering.
According to the reports, this Navy ship left Boston on the 10 of June in 1800 for the purpose to join the rest of the Navy ships in Guadeloupe station, which is located in West Indies, the ship was believed to disappear due to a wind storm at the sea.
According to the news report the latest incident that took place at the Bermuda triangle happened on May 15, 2018.
The report stated that an aircraft MU-2B-40 disappeared on the Bermuda triangle. This incident occurs at the Rader 59 km which is in the east of Eleuthera.
This is an island in the Commonwealth of Bahamas. In this incident, seven people are believed to have died in the crashing of the aircraft.
Many scholars and researchers have produced many documentaries and research in order to tell the reasons and science behind these mysterious and strange paranormal activities that occur in the Bermuda triangle.
Few scientists have mentioned the reasons why ships, aircraft, and things got disappeared in the Bermuda triangle:

·     “Technology can be lost from the legendary, now lost Atlantis continent”.

·         “Aliens and Anonymous Objects Flying ”.

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