The people of this world are passing through a very harsh period of this century. Everything including personal activities stopped during this pandemic. No solution like antibiotics or vaccines introduced against coronavirus (COVID-19) yet but there is hope only.


World graph of world after coronavirus (Covid-19).
coronavirus covid 19
  1. Is it by GOD (Allah)? (Corona and will of GOD)
  2. Why a pandemic after every 100 years?
  3. Is there a chance of World War-3 after COVID19?
  4. Is it affecting animals and plants too?
  5. What are the  Foreign Policies of Countries during COVID-19?
It is very true to say that all endemics and pandemics are from the Almighty in every religion. The pandemics like Coronavirus (COVID-19) are always the punishments of our sins from the Almighty. Unfortunately, the whole world is busy making vaccines but they are not praying to the Almighty who is the forgiver. In Islam, Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) speaks about the deadly pandemics (Plague) that:
When you hear about the plague in any place, do not go there, or if it is in the place you are staying, then do not leave that place for at least 14 days.
This is what Islam teaches 1400+ years ago and today scientists and medical specialists are recommending the same remedy to avoid the spread of COVID-19.
If we see the past, the start of every century is telling a story of severe disease which shows the Almighty threatens people after a few years. In the past and current pandemic conditions, any harsh event by people like cruel and inhuman behavior can be the only cause of these pandemics. Currently, the inhuman behavior of India in Kashmir (Lockdown in Jammu and Kashmir) and human smuggling and trafficking can also be the cause of the Almighty’s revenge. Atheism and homosexual relations are also common devilish acts by people of this generation which can be because of the harsh end of this generation. In Holly’s books, it is clearly mentioned that Almighty Allah does not like this kind of inhuman behavior.

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