When we talk about dowry, it’s a shameful act usually done by greedy people, who don’t want a daughter but also every possible luxury from the girl’s family.
In our society, the concept of dowry is so strong that the family who can’t afford to give is compelled not to marry their daughters in great families.
Dowry is an overburdening curse that has inundated our general public. The horrendous custom has appeared as coercion, reluctantly acknowledged and satisfied by the bride’s family to offer a dowry.
Parents accumulate a sizeable measure of property, cash, and material assets in their mission to satisfy their obligation. The time has come for this well-established custom that has picked up support in our general public to be found.


Notwithstanding the Prophet’s (PBUH) endeavors to lift ladies to the point where they, similar to men, gained lawful and social rights, in South Asia the introduction of a little girl remains something to grieve or, best case scenario, to endure with constancy.
Among different purposes behind the low esteem given to little girls is the inclination that she won’t have the capacity to contribute anything to the family, and will just put a weight on funds on account of the deep-rooted custom of the endowment, which will be given to her at the season of her marriage.
In past decades it was so common to bury a girl when she is still breathing, but with the emergence of Islam, this is now limited to a very illiterate population, although the burden of dowry is still the same.
When a daughter is born, parents got happy as there is a pour of blessings in their home, but they also start getting worried about their girls’ future, their income, and if they can afford the dowry which led them to depression.

Daughters are blessings don’t take the burden.

In undeniable reality, the custom of giving dowry has never been legitimated by Islam and isn’t generally spread among Muslims of another ethnicity. It gives off an impression of being the replication of past Hindu custom in which girls have no offer in the property of family yet were given consumptions that could be as families. Despite what might be expected the little girl in Islam has a full right to their family property and legacy.
Before Islam, this idea was considered the property of a young lady’s caretaker. The idea of showing ladies blessings of money or property or spending a great deal on an amazing wedding feast, displaying a house, or giving furniture for their home and family unit assets is missing from the circumspection of the general population associated with Islam.
On the off chance that we take the case of the Prophet (PBUH), he has additionally observed the relational unions of his four little girls.
When Hazrat Fatima got hitched to Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib, Hazrat Muhammad gave her different blessings. However, there is no proof of offering endowments to any of his different girls during the season of their relational unions. If giving endowments would be polished in Islam, he would have offered these to them.
The blessings he has given to his little girl Fatima were extremely unassuming family unit things that incorporate a bedsheet, a cowhide water pack, and a cushion that was loaded down with grass and fiber.

Dowry is ridiculous Practice

Giving dowry is a ridiculous practice that ought to be precluded. Being Muslim, we ought not to rehearse it and should quit offering a dowry to our girls instead of giving them privilege in our family properties. It is generally not drilled by the greater part of us.
Such training contains a lot of underhandedness and damage to the general public; this training may notwithstanding achieve society’s end soon.
There is an incredible contrast between the situation where the lady feels that she and what she has have a place with her husband and where she feels that she is something wanted and regarded, as the life partner burns through cash on her and gives her presents, etc to get her as his better half.
One lamentable part of endowment giving lately is that it is winding up increasingly more merely conspicuousness. Nothing could be more un-Islamic in inspiration than this. Indeed, even the act of playing out a marriage unobtrusively, with no showy presentation of riches, in this way giving a luxurious dowry to the groom’s family to set up a house is in opposition to Islamic practice.
The trend calls jahez Khouri band kro is started in Pakistan for awareness among the general population to criticize the act of taking dowry from the bride’s family.
Following the trend, Pakistani celebrities have held hands against the way of life of dowry in the nation by posting pictures composed ‘Jahez Khori Band Karo’ staring them in the face.
Stars and celebrities have willingly volunteered to stand firm against this hapless practice wild in our general public spreading mindfulness about this unnecessary hazard ruining the lives of millions.
#Stopjahezkhori is a trend that has shaken up the web begetting another term Jahezkhori to express their disappointment with dowry.

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