Hope for hopelessness is the light in the dark. We walk without friends, we talk alone in the town as hopeless. But we still talk with hope in the marketplace.

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Yes, we are the native of the road, we leave as hopeless in our father’s land, and we are carried as a slave to our own brothers of the higher class.
 But we smile with hope in the street knowing there is hope.
Our house is built out of leftover materials and live in the comfort of it as hopeful as we hope.
We are said to be
  • the sons of the street but here we are at the government level as hopeful as the stars.
  • hopeless and being treated like a dog by the higher class but we never give up on our hope.
  • hopeless but we live by hope knowing there is one on high who cares.
We walk in the
  • dark of the night just to see the sunrise as we hope to survive.
  • dark to get the comfort of the moon when the sun is down.

We are hopeless but not death, only death is hopeless, we live by faith and faith builds hope in us.

We jump from one street to another, we move from one house to another as hopeless but now we are the king of the street.

We broke into a song of the captive in our father’s land, we are being driven out of our home as hopeless but we fought back with hope.

For all those in the street begging never to give up on their dreams, God will make a way out.

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