There are following scientifically proved facts about Intelligent people.

1. Intelligent people are open-minded.

2. Staying up late is a sign of high IQ because intelligent people experience more brain activity at night.

3. Smart or intelligent people always want to know more about the world.

4. Intelligent people go to bed late for sleep and get up early.

5. Fun and a high sense of humor are hallmarks of a high IQ.

6. More than half of the world's population has below average intelligence and other half is having high intelligence.

7. People with high IQs tend to have fewer friends than the average person.

8. Talking to yourself is a sign of high intelligence.

9. They underestimate themselves more than ignorant people.

10. They are less likely to maintain traditional values.

  issac newton albert einstein stephen hawking   
1: Issac Newton

2: Abert Einstein

3: Stephen Hawking

Intelligent people always try to find better opportunities to be successful in life. Today, Many intelligent people are investing in cryptocurrency because they want to make their future secure. Only intelligent people can invest in cryptocurrency because it need proper research and mindset for trading and investment oin cryptocurency. A dull mind cannot even think to invest in cryptocurrency. Even if he/she invest, it may be a great loss to them in the form of devaluation of invested crypto coin.

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