Due to some political instability situation in Pakistan, everyone in Pakistan discussing the political situation of Pakistan in different ways. Some of them discuss that this election in 2018 is not fair and some are blaming that the army involved in this election, even some of them blame the army wants PTI in power. Some people of this nation talk about the relationship between Nawaz Sharif and the Indian Government. While one part of society was gossiping that someone is behind the jeep.  I just want to disclose here that please stop gossiping about all these types of stuff and please speak for your rights. This is a time to stand up for your rights.

Today’s life and social evils (Pakistan): https://bit.ly/2PmSIZK

I have some questions about Election 2018 that:

  • these people are talking in a way after knowing all these negative things?
  • these people are talking on these topics as they know these people are not sincere with this nation, they are only sincere with money and power.
  • people selecting parties other than individuals?
  •  this nation is still following political parties?

Suggestions for Election 2018 in Pakistan

I want to just say that please support good individual personalities, not parties. If you choose good individuals from your section/area then you will get a good party in power and this will be real change and the real victory of this nation (Pakistan). Here I should mention that each party has some corruption, fraud, and looters but you have to choose and vote for the good and sincere representatives from your city and country.
Pakistan is a country that is made in the name of Islam, So you have a responsibility to support individuals who are sincere with you and this country.

Muhammad  Saad Iqbal
(MPhil Scholar)

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