Qayamat in Islam (Day of Judgement)

Being believers we all know and believe that the day of judgement is soon to come. However, it is a known fact that we do not when will that day be! Do you? Nobody is aware that will they be living like this tomorrow or not. 

Day of judgement (The last Day) Qayamat in Islam


According to Islam, the day of judgment is also termed as Qayamat or the day of resurrection. The religion of Islam talks about the signs being clearly told in the Holy Quran. 

“When the sun becomes round and its light disappears and reverses.” (Surat at-Takwir:1)

“When the sea becomes a raging fire or overflows.” (Surat At-Takwir:6)

Then in the following Surat Allah said:

“When the sea bursts.” (Surat Al-Infitar:3)

The Quran says: 

“When we die and become dust and bones, will we really be raised again? (Quran 56:47)

Signs of the day of judgment in religion (Islam)

1. Increase in earthquakes.

2. Increase in bloodshed.

3. More women than men.

4. Fewer people there who will accept charity which means the flow of wealth.

5. Sun rising from the west.

6. Time passing more rapidly.

7. People would not trust each other.

8. Gathering of people for Salah but no Imam would be found.

9. Men dressing as women.

10. People getting away from religion.

11. Good deeds will decrease.

12. The building size would become higher.

13. More and more injustice.

14. More amount of shopping markets close together.

15. This one is the major sign; Dajjal appearing.

16. Yajooj Majooj appearing.

17. Wrong people will get authority.

18. People will get away from knowledge. Knowledge is a weapon and losing it means losing a big part of our lives.

19. Adultery will be common.

20. Fornication will be common.

21. Cheating will be a daily thing!

22.  people will start shouting in mosques.

23. More female singers and musicians will be heard.

24. People will cut ties with family members.

25. Hot winters and cold summers.

26. Jealousy will become common.

27. A lie will be a higher priority than the truth.

This is not it… there are many more signs which tell that the day of judgement is getting closer. These are just a few of the signs we see a lot. Don’t we? 
Coming to what Science and Quran have to say about the day of judgment and its link.

* The world and the era are growing. However, People ask for solid proof to believe the fact that yes indeed it’s true that a time would come when everyone would vanish. When every soul in this world would die. Then would be the time that the second trumpet will blow and eventually everyone would wake up from their graves. It would then that they would be questioned about their deeds. 
* The Book; the Quran talks about the questions. It talks about faith and how sinful people would suffer and how those who spent their lives following the path of Allah would be grateful. They would be happy because they will be going to Jannah; A beautiful place.

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