The last remaining treasure chest of Albert Einstein’s private family letter was opened to the public. Their stepdaughter Margot Einstein paid close attention to him and they announced that they were still sealed 20 years after their death. Some of these letters were published by Princeton University Press in the 10th volume of the Albert Einstein Thesis Project of the California Institute of Technology.

They are a revelation. “Einstein’s personal letter refuted his simplistic view that he was an isolated, remote person who was immersed in his work at the expense of human contact,” said editor-in-chief  Diana Kormos Buchwald.

This is truer than the tense period between April and December 1915, when his family life was disintegrating and he was competing – under brutal competitive pressure – to complete his general theory of relativity.

In 1915, Albert Einstein was working hard to fight nature. This will be his most important achievement, perhaps the most beautiful theory of all science ten years ago, he proposed a special theory of relativity that time and space are relative to observers moving at different constant speeds.
Now he tries to promote this theory by treating gravity as the curvature of what he calls space-time structures.

Personal Life of Albert Einstein

This is a painful period. His marriage to Mileva Maric had just erupted and the Serbian physicist helped his mathematics in his 1905 paper. She left him in Berlin and took his son Hans Albert, 11 and 5 years old, to Zurich.
As food shortages in the First World War exacerbated acute stomach pains, he was receiving care from his first-generation friend Elsa Einstein and he would eventually get married.

Einstein’s Letters

His letters, including some of the letters published this week, show that his personal and scientific intertwined in 1915 and ultimately achieved great success. The story began with two letters written by Hans Albert (Adu) in early April who begged his father to visit him and his brother (Tete) in Zurich on spring break. Tete said:
 Dear Daddy, imagine that Tete Can multiply and split, and I am doing geometry
My mother pointed out the problem to me; we have a booklet; I can do the same for you. But why didn’t you write anything recently? I just thought: “You will be here at Easter and we will have a father again.” Yours, Adu!
Muhammad Saad Iqbal
(MPhil Scholar)

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