Valentine’s Day History and Religion Islam:

14th February - Love Day (Valentine's Day)All people are familiar with this day as the name ‘Love Day’. Origination of Valentine’s Day is from a “Lupercalia” (Roman festival) in the mid of February around 496AD. Some of the writers wrote the 3rd century AD as the origin of Valentine’s Day.
In recent days this Valentine’s Day (Love Day) was celebrated by Christians and nowadays people from all beliefs celebrate this day as Christians. Even Muslims also celebrate this day as Christians which isn’t permitted in the Religion of Islam’. As a Muslim, I am worried about the people who are involved in these types of activities. Islam teaches us to love someone as a blessing of Allah (GOD) but the way how people celebrate Valentine’s day isn’t allowed and prohibited in religion Islam. All unethical things are prohibited in Islam even in love or war.

Let’s come to the day of Valentine’s:  

The lovebirds especially meet in parks and hotels for dating. The believers and followers of Valentine’s Day first exchange flowers, gifts, and chocolates with each other. Moreover, they spend the whole day together and do some unethical and immoral things. At the end of the day, they go back to their places and the whole story closes with the sunshine of the next morning.
Loveday isn’t celebrated by only married couples but unmarried couples are also deeply involved in it.

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