The use of computers does the crime and the networks are known as cyber-crimes. With the rapid development in technology cyber-crimes also increasing fast. There are many factors that become a cause of cyber crime, the major one is the low or poor cyber-security among the systems of an enterprise or personal systems.


Cyber crime

Tool of Cyber Crime:

The main target of such crimes is not the computers, the main target is the data or the money. A laptop is the only tool that uses to implement this crime. In this crime (cybercrime), the attackers or the criminals are using the computers to target or attack the computers in order to get the required data, and information or for the sake of money. There are many types of cyber-crimes; some are hacking, scamming, computer viruses, ransomware, DOS attacks, DDOS attacks, and many others. 

There are basically three main subjects for cyber-crimes or we can say that there are three reasons behind the generation of cyber-crimes. Those reasons are

  1. The planning was made against a person.
  2. It could against any enterprise” in order to harm any enterprise.
  3. Planning of the cyber-crime for the sake of some ransom” such attacks are increasing day by day.

Such attacks are known as ransomware. This type of attack is considered the best type of cyber-crime because this type of cyber-crime did not leave any footprint or clue.

My report topic is the “real-life cyber-crimes”, I have to discuss almost 3 multiple cyber-crimes from the real world. The primary purpose behind this is a better understanding of the concept of cyber-crime. 

Islam and cyber-crime:

According to Islam, it is wrong to access any person’s information or any important thing secretly or offensively. In the Holy book Allah says:

“O Muslims! Don’t enter the house of other people without their permission or invitation.”

According to this ayat, to get any personal information or money or any other important is considered a sin and a bad thing in Islam. It is quite detested in all religions that existed in the world.

Types of Cyber Attacks:

  1. Hacking is basically getting some information or important data from other’s computers in an illegal way. Ethical hacking is the opposite thing of this type of hacking, the hackers or the criminals are using multiple software and techniques to perform this task. The task is to hack secret or critical data of an enterprise, organization, or person. 

2. Cyberstalking is basically a type of online harassment; the criminal gathers the secret data of a person and then blackmails that person. Normally such type of criminals uses the internet instead of offline stalking.

3. Identity theft is a type of threat that is a problem for people who are using online transactions and banking services frequently. In this crime, the criminal stole important data about the details of the bank account of a person, the number of the credit cards, social security, debit card, and other sensitive information. It has a financial loss and it can also spoil the credit history of the victim. 

Fraud And Scammers Concept. Cartoon Scammers In Masks Use All Kinds Of Sneaky Approaches To Steal Your Personal Details To Use Your Credit Card Or Open A Bank Account. Flat Style Vector Illustration.

4. Malicious software is a type of cyber-crime that generates multiple computer viruses. The basic purpose of this attack is to generate a virus that can easily disrupt any network. This software has a basic purpose to gain the access to a system. The accessing process is done in order to get the secret and sensitive information and data that can cause damage to software and treats the software as a virus for the system.

5. Ransomware is basically an attack for the sake of money or amount. Fileless ransomware is a type of ransomware that affects a system without leaving any clue or footprints. These days the attack on the top or lead is the files ransomware attack. The attackers basically hack the access to the users’ system and then encrypt any secret or private data and files.

There is another chance that the hacker affects the access of the user to his/her system, the attacker access and uses the system of the user according to his/her will. In giving back access to th????.e system or the data the attacker demands some ransom. The attackers in order to launch the fileless malware use multiple tools, or hack the data by using a script of the code. The attacker attacks the device memory directly with the help of a ShellCode. This attack did not leave any footprint nor create any file or software. Therefore to detect such attacks are normally impossible for antivirus software.


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