Computing is basically the connections of different computer systems or software for
communication and data sharing. Cloud computing is computing on clouds means the connection
of multiple hardware or software on the internet.
Cloud computing is based on servers connected through the internet. An interface of cloud
computing is like any website on the browser either on laptops, computer systems, or any other
a system like an android phone, iPod, etc.
Cloud computing is a service provided by a third party. It is, in short, a local area network
(LAN) which is handled by the third party for an organization or company through clouds.
Company or user able to access data, software, and application remotely.

Types of cloud in Cloud computing:

There are four types of cloud in cloud computing:

  • Public cloud
  • Private cloud
  • Community cloud
  • Hybrid cloud
Clouds in Cloud Computing

Types of services in cloud computing:

There are three types of services provided by cloud computing:
• Infrastructure as a service:
In this type of computing, third parties provide us access to any software or hardware. It also
provides us with the security and backup facility.
• Software as a service:
In this type, any type of software can access through an online browser remotely.
• Platform as a service:
This type provides us a platform to build or run an application remotely. There are further many
types of PAAS. PAAS can be private, public, or hybrid.

Cloud Computing Service Model

Cloud computing vs cybercrime:

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