What is reason behind KaBOOM?

KaBOOM came into existence due to a disaster that happened in a car, the car was hot and two children are playing and died due to suffocation. This calamity trembles Hammond and Hutchison (co-founder of KaBOOM), and they decided to do something for children.

At that time those two children were playing in the car due to a shortage of healthy playgrounds with proper facilities. Therefore, they both decided to fight for the rights of children. For them, healthy and safe play is the right of every child.

According to research, there are almost 250,000 playgrounds in the U.S but among them, only 6500 playgrounds are considered fit.

Hammond and Hutchison are against the fact that our future (children) has to play in places where garbage scatters everywhere, in cars, in covered-up buildings, etc. they are not accepting the fact that children of America have to grow up without having a safe and healthy play land.

What is planning behind KaBOOM?

Initially, they invest $25,000 in their plan of launching KaBOOM; they also develop a play that description of buildings’ paly ground models, partnership with a host, and many more. That host agrees to work on a term “fee for service” basis.

The collaborative planning went on and after eight weeks, an empty lot was converted into a playground in just 6 hours by multiple volunteers (around about 175). In order to increase the number of play lands in less time Hammond decided to involve civil people in this project.

According to the plan, the community partners are supposed to pay 15% while the funding partners have to pay 85% of the total cost to consume in the development of play land according to the planned model.

The highest revenue is the responsibility of multiple organizations like Nike, target, computer associates and print, and many more. According to research in 2002 almost $5.8 million in revenue is generated by multiple corporations or organizations.

What is KaBOOM’s achievement?

The time comes when KaBOOM is considered the biggest producer of play lands for children, according to a study in 2003, almost 25000 volunteers helping KaBOOM in united states to develop parks and play lands, especially in backward areas, low-income areas, and urban areas.

The KaBOOM works strategy contains three-pronged “lead”, “seed”, and “Rally”. Further, it is also necessary to develop a system or a team that could check the working process of each sector and person of KaBOOM.

The management of generated revenue and proper investment of that revenue is also very essential.


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