Dualism is basically a mind-body game. There are two concepts for dualism. One is the popular dualism which is based on materialistic things or the brain. The other is a standard philosophical dualism that is totally based on immaterial or spiritual facts or body (spirit).

Which one is the right concept?

I personally believed in immaterial dualism because for me and also for the majority of people materials, objects, or substances are nothing more than a shadow. The main thing is spirit.
For popular dualism, I believe that materialistic things are reserved and limited. Substances or objects donโ€™t observe all things; they resist many but observe only a few. If wisdom is materialistic then it takes only a few things but this does not happen yet, that takes us to the way where it leads towards immaterial things and totally spiritual.

Is popular dualism leading towards the right?

Popular dualism is based on material, and yes materialistic things are not able to think vast and efficient. Materialistic things are based on limited features; they are unable to take more.
Letโ€™s take an example of us (humans), we are totally based on spirit, if there is spirit then we exist. But if the spirit doesnโ€™t exist, how can we then?
But at the same time brain has its own importance and functionality.

Dualism and Religion:

Dualism in religion means to believe in two opposite powers at the same time, like good and evil. In religion, it is considered a way to describe any source of attachment in two opposite or different religions like Christians and Buddhism. it is a fact that evil is an independent power, it never generates from good, also evil is not inferior to good.

Dualism in religion means there are two equal but opposite forces existing in the world, one is good and the second one is evil. Both are performing their own duties and we are lying between these forces. in every religion in the world, it exists.

Dualism and Islam:

Muslims are dualists, they believe in the concept that Allah creates Adam (A.S) then this life begins. They have a strong belief in the existence of the soul. According to them, the body is working as a carrier of the soul. This is their souls that help them to fulfill the five pillars of Islam that have a significant value in the life of a Muslim.

Life has to end one day, after that Muslims have to appear before Allah. It gave answers to all their deeds in their whole lifetime. Allah will award them Paradise or Hell according to their deeds.

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