The Advance President Threat (APT) is basically a type of cyber-attack with multiple goals of gaining access to secret information or a system, in order to modify data and maintain a foothold that can easily provide access in the future.

The access control purpose there involves getting access to the defense or the security system of an enterprise or a personal computer, implementing an attack to get some critical and sensitive information either from government sectors or the private one. The second purpose there involves the methods and techniques that help in the modification of data, and the last one is to provide future access to the targets in spite of good security.

World Wide Web

There are almost 1.37 billion unique pages on multiple search engines, among multiple search engines. The WWW (WWW stands for the World Wide Web) becomes a source for the serving process of all static documents. The World Wide Web is considered a platform; a large, powerful, and versatile platform. Www handles the process of delivery of information. It provides a way for companies and individuals to share or put data or information that might be sensitive and critical on the internet.

Cyber Crimes

Due to the growth in the power and popularity of the web and the internet, cyber crimes and cyber-criminals are increasing day by day. Cyber crimes become so common these days because criminals like the cyber-crimes and the cyber-attacks most. The reason behind this is that cyber-crime did not leave any clue and there are fewer chances of being caught. The noted result is the rate of cyber-crimes is increasing day by day. Enterprises and organizations are facing a lot of problems and losses due to cyber crimes.

According to a study, there is a lot of consumption of money due to cyber-attacks and cyber-crimes. The estimated cost is between 100 billion to 1 trillion a year worldwide. The process to mitigate this threat is the security community towards researching. In order to detect all the possible threats and to protect the systems and the networks. A useful system has been proposed that the system is the IDS (IDS stands for the intrusion detection system). The intrusion is basically a process that involves sequences of multiple steps. The purpose of all processes is the detection of threats and the elimination of threats. The intruder violates the security laws and the policies.

Intrusion Detection (ID)

It is a process of identifying and responding to the suspected activities that can harm a system. The system may be the system of the enterprise or the individual system. The threats can also affect the networks: The ID also detects and eliminates such suspected activities that can harm a computer network.

Advance President Threat Vs Other Attacks

According to my study, the Advance president threat is a collection of threats, the multiple threats in the APT execute with more stealth. There are a goal and target set in the APT (that is a group of threats). Like every threat APT has many steps, the APT has to perform multiple steps in order to reach a goal.

There is a difference between the APT and the other attacks. The APT is more often based upon therefore known as the “zero-day exploits”. The “zero-day exploits” means that there are no publically security flaws in n software and the advanced means of an attack like social engineering. The companies and the enterprises found the precautions and the solutions for the multiple cyber-attacks. But the APT is the largest threat to companies either private or government, it is also a threat to the government.

In such situations, the Advance president threat creates problems for current detection and intrusion methods. Because the dependencies of this method are on the known signatures of attacks. Also, the APTs make heavy use of unknown security holes for attacks. The APT attacks have high economic damages rather than any other attack, as there are multiple attacks in the APT. Therefore, it is more dangerous than other cyber-attacks or cyber-crimes. The attacks leave a financial impact on the expected financial impact of attacks. It is the main influence on investments in security measures.

The attacks of the APT have a specific category that is at business and political targets. The majority of tasks of the APT threats are against business and politics. Mainly the APT attack demands stealth; a high degree of stealth. The use of a high degree of stealth is basically over a prolonged duration of operation in order to be successful.

Objectives of Advance President Threat

The objectives of the APT attacks are far from the financial gain, and compromised systems continue to be of service even after key systems have been breached and initial goals reached. There are basically six steps of the APT attack, a diagram below shows the six steps of the APT attack.

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